Another Form of Online Betting

Understanding Asian Handicap: Another Form of Online Betting

Online sports betting is the virtual world where new terminologies, like asian handicap, and strategies make it to the headlines every day. It is not easy for punters to get hold of every name and strategies and even the seasoned ones require some heads up before betting on a particular strategy. 

Point spreads, goal bets, and live bets are just some of the strategies that the punters use in India to bet online in Rupees. However, this is not all as there is one particularly complex betting form that is quite confusing at least for the new Indian punter, that is, asian handicap betting. 

❖What is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting falls in the unique options category in online sports betting. Originated in Indonesia in the early 21st century, in this form, the stronger teams are handicapped via betting when there is a huge difference in the quality of a match. In other words, you can also say that the bookmakers provide virtual lead to the underdog from the favourite’s perspective. This is the handicap that the favourite has to overcome. 

This strategy is quite effective in eliminating the possibility of a draw and leaves with only two results in the game-winning or losing, though you might well say that winning is not guaranteed. 

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❖Placing Asian Handicap Bets

Now that you have started to understand the idea of asian handicap, let’s dig a bit deeper to know more about the concept and the facts related to it. There are two ways a punter can bet through Asian handicap. 

Placing the Bet on Winning Team
In this bet, the Handicap is placed on the favourites. It is done by reducing a specific number of goals from the total tally of goals. So, if the Handicap bet is on Liverpool and set as -1 and the final result is Blackburn 1-1, in the perspective of the game, Blackburn is the winner. This will happen because one goal is reduced from Liverpool’s goal tally. Placing Bets on Losing Team
When the bet is placed on the Underdogs then instead of reducing one goal, it is added to their goal tally. So, if you take the previous example, then Blackburn and Liverpool will score 1 goal each but Blackburn will win since 1 goal will be added to their total goal tally. These asian handicap tips are important for new punters who want to place this bet. 

FAQ on Asian Handicap

Like any other regular spread betting, asian handicap also offers a variety of ways to bet. The concept is straightforward, though, to some it might feel confusing since there are a lot of numbers displayed on the platforms. +0.5 is the decimal value that is used in some types of Asian handicaps where the difference of +0.5 decides whether the stake will be distributed in case of a draw or the bettor has won

An Asian handicap is a form of spread betting and many sports are already familiar with this form. There are a lot of ways to implement this form and most popular in football betting across all leagues. This betting system emphasizes the finer points and how and where to use them. 

Every kind of sports betting are different and unique in their way and bettors have their preferences when it comes to placing bets. Asian handicap too, has its set of pros and cons. However, this betting form is popular in games like soccer or football. 

❖Asian Handicap Table for Accurate Betting

In this form of betting, the punters usually take the help of a table that has broadly two categories. The table is known as the Asian handicap table and the categories are favourites and Underdog. These two categories are further sub-divided into three sections that are final scoreline, result of chance, and the Handicap. 

The table is for the punters to access all the required information and make the bet. If you maintain this table for recording the best including the past ones, it will help you make the decision or analyse which team is going to win. However, to maintain these tables you also must understand what are the various types of Asian betting odds available in the game.

Asian Handicap TableAsian Handicap Table

❖Odds In Asian Handicap

Full line
In this type of bet, the value of the handicap set is integral. So, the handicaps like +1,+2,-1,-2 are just the right example for Asian handicap full line. If you are betting on Liverpool -1 or Blackburn +2 then, it is a full line bet. Half line
Here, the handicap is placed under the value of 0.5. So, bets of this kind look like, Blackburn +1.5 and Liverpool -2.5. The value is always placed on the 0.5 decimal. Quarter Line 
In this type of asian handicap, the value will have factor of 0.25 or 0.75 in decimal. Thus, if you are confused with half line and quarter line then, there is a slight difference. In quarter line betting, if the result is -0.25 and the team draws, then, you get half the stake you have betted and the other half is taken by the bookie. 

❖Asian Handicap Total

If you want asian handicap tips then, here is another way for you to place the bet. In the Asian Handicap total, there are broadly two categories:

Asian Total Full Line
When you place the bets on the total number of goals scored throughout the game. However, the value is placed on the integral number. Thus, if you are betting two goals through this form and the team scored two goals, then you win. On the other hand, if the team does not score two goals but only one or nothing then you lose. Asian Total Half Line
This form works like Asian Handicap quarter lines. Your amount gets divided and if a draw occurs then you get half your stake. Your stake gets distributed at +0.75 Asian total odds. You get back half if there are no goals and you win the stake if there are more than two. 

❖Bookmakers for Betting through Asian Handicap

Some of the major online betting sites allow Asian Handicap like:

Betway black logo


The Asian handicap at Betway majorly follows four forms that are: Asian Handicap 1, Asian Handicap 0, Asian Handicap 1.5, and Asian Handicap 0.5. The odds in this site are slightly below the average and the pay-out percentage is 92. You can also bet in the live streaming section of the site through this form of betting. 

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ComeOn Bet logo on black background


This site probably is the best when it comes to betting via Asian Handicap. The odds here are good and there are a variety of asian handicap tips for you to choose from. You can bet on this form on a number of sports that includes football. The odds offered here are above average and you can bet on all major leagues from around the world. 

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Unibet black and green logo


This site now has extensive offers for the punters on Asian Handicap betting. Bet on Asian Handicaps from Premier League and the Champions League both in pre-match and live. You can also read the tips and guide on the site before placing the bet. This way you will have a thorough idea of which type you will choose for Asian handicap betting. 

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Royal Panda Logo

Royal Panda

This site also offers Asian Handicap betting and in case of a tie, a return to the bettor’s account takes place. This is regardless of the time or period on which the game is suggested to place the bet. 

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Author: Jesse Washington